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Here it comes again, another interview. Artists keep on answering me as quickly as they can. Thank you Sta for answering me so well !

Hi Sta ! Who are you, and where do you come from ?
Hi ! I'm Sta, I'm 22 and I live in Kingston, Canada, a town about halfway between Toronto and Ottawa. I'm a DJ/Producer and also a student. Started making tracks last year, some bloggers liked them and they started getting passed around the internet like little sluts. Since then, I've been doing some remixes and trying to finish university.

What are you listening to, and what are your influences ? What are you sensible to in the music you listen to ?
I grew up listening to a lot of indie rock and hip hop. At some point I bought decks to spin hip hop but I ended up getting into house music instead. That was about 5 or 6 years ago. I've always loved electro house, but there wasn't too many records like that coming out in the early 00's so I kind of had to dig. Since then it's blown up and now there's more electro records coming out than you can keep track of, which is great.
Lately I've been listening to a lot of John Dahlback, as well as Joshua Harvey (The guy behind Speaker Junk/Herve/Count of Monte Cristal/etc). I've got this hot Missy Elliott remix from a few years back done under the name Dead Soul Brothers. I figured it was a pseudonym for someone else but I never knew who, and just a couple days ago I checked Joshua Harvey's myspace and found out it was him. Makes so much sense!

How would you define your music ?
I guess it's kind of electro house. I used to play in a rock band when I was younger and I wrote most of the songs. I think that sensibility carried over into making dance music, because I still think of everything in terms of parts and chord progressions. A lot of dance music kind of evolves slowly around a couple of hooks and focuses on building energy. Me on the other hand, I've got a verse/chorus/bridge way of thinking.

What are your plans ? Is there an artist you'd like to work with ?
Got a big summer coming up! Right now I'm working on a remix of Brodinski's track Bad Runner. Up next I'm going to be working on some more original stuff and will hopefully release an EP later this year. I can't say who will be putting it out yet but it will likely include In Living Colour. A remix I did for Tommy Trash's song Slide will be coming out soon on Ministry of Sound Australia. Other than that, just booking and playing some shows around Canada and the US.
Hmm artists I'd like to work with... I'd like to work with vocalists, especially some rappers. I have been feeling Spank Rock and Cadence Weapon, would love to remix tracks by them.

Sta is a young man, having so much to share as you can read. Here it is, and thank you again !
Beyonce - Irreplaceable (Sta Remix)
Sta - In Living Colour
Sta - May Mix Tape

Playlist :
1. Digitalism - Magnets
2. Sebastian Leger - Pluton
3. Curses - What I need
4. Bassnectar - Yo (Speaker Junk mix)
5. Tommy Trash - Slide (Sta mix)
6. Yo Majesty - Club Action (Tetsuo's all out Yo mix)
7. Chromeo - Fancy Footowork (Strip Steve mix)
8. MSTRKRFT - Street Justice 2007
9. Mr. Oizo - Patrick122
10. Felix Cartal - Drugs
11. Lifelike and Kris Menace - Discopolis (Alan Braxe mix)
12. Simian Mobile Disco - The Mighty Atom
13. Surkin - Ghetto Obsession 2006
14. Sta - In Living Colour
15. Dj Pierre - This is house

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Herr Schmitz a dit…

heya, nice feature! ;)

and nice blog of course.

cheerio from knicken.blogspot.com

Rima a dit…

Ok alors bon je t'arrête tout de suite. L'anglais c'était chouette avec Mme Pinelli, mais là faut pas pousser Jean-Paul dans les rosiers. Après une journée pourrie de boulot, j'ai pas DU TOUT envie de lire en anglais quoi... Non mais franchement... Déjà qu'il faut que je fasse ma bouffe pour le lendemain et que prépare mon sac... Non vraiment, je suis désolée mais c'est non pour l'anglais. (J'adore faire ma relou salariée fonctionnaire hahahahahaha; cool l'anglais, mais des fois en français j'espère. Un peu. Parfois.)

Dwix a dit…

tu te la joues fluokids ? tu voudrais pas sortir avec hianta par hasard ?

tu t'es dit, on va faire comme bloomstarr marre de faire des post français/anglais, on fait tout en anglais ?

boutade mise à part, ça va, Sta s'exprime assez clairement. j'avoue traduire, ça prend vachement de temps. la dernière interview que j'ai faite, ça partait en live, on comprenait grossièrement mais pour traduire en français, c'était une autre histoire.

Bouleafacettes a dit…

Hianta c'est trop ma copine !

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