John Hyde Interview


Hi John Hyde, who are you and where do you come from ?

I'm from Liverpool and I'm in school studying for my a-levels.

What are you listening to, and what are your influences ?
At the moment Kissy Sell Out and Sta are my favourite remixers and obviously anything Ed Banger and Kitsune... My favourite song at the moment is Uffie's First Love. I've also discovered a new band called Map Of Africa which are amazing.
How would you define your music ? "Hip-Hop, Soul, a little bit of Punk, a little bit of Crunk, a little bit of Disco, Drum 'n' Bass, a little bit of House, a little bit Electro all of that..."

What are your plans ? Is there an artist you'd like to work with ?
I've only been producing for around 6
months so there is a lot for me to learn. I am purchasing a new laptop soon and I look forward to learning how to use Reason to produce. As for collaborations there isn't one particular artist I'd like to work with, but I guess it would be nice for a band to send me all the parts of one of their tracks so i could do a remix for them. I speak to Midnight Art, and I heard he is working with Miami Horror who I'm a big fan of. Doing something like that would be nice.

John Hyde is not the kind of guy that keeps his music for his own appartment. He is setting up new club night (for more informations HERE YOU GO) and he gives you those :

John Hyde - One Hand Ties The Other
Metric - Glass Ceiling (John Hyde Remix)
John Hyde's Myspace

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