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video : scuola furano : g-funk 3000

Scualo Furano is a duo made out of two italian guys. I'll pass out my immoderate love for Italy and its inhabitants, and just tell you that no, Italy isn't just Eros Ramazzoti. Proof is that you can be from Italy and like french touch, hip hop, disco, electronica and filtered house music... I've discovered them on La New Shit. I've got in touch with them on myspace. Borut gives their answers in here.

Who are you 'Scuola Furano', and where do you come from ?
We are Marco and Borut, two guys from Gorizia, North East of Italia (on the border to Slovenia). We've known each other for ever, but 4 years ago, we started making music together. Our first album went out in 2004.

What are your influences, and what are you sensitive to in the music you like ?
We grew up listening to rap and hip hop music. Then we began listening to black music, and house music, mostly Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. What I like in music is when I understand the artist's sensation : is he having fun, is he entertaining... I like it when it is spontaneous : the first albums, the hick ones as the last one from Van Helden.

How would you define your world ?
Marco is finishing his architecture studies in Amsterdam, I am a working guy, and I do music too. We live in a calm city, sometimes too calm, but that lets us live our lives and our music as we wish. We do not have any parisian or londoner 'hype' around here, and we are not living the stress of the last song posted on Discobelle or Fluokids. This is our world.

Are you attracted by other arts ?
I am working with my visual performer (IRagazziDellaPrateria) and with my grafists (Y+M) on a project named 'SSHHHH!!' based on a dj set SF + Visual IRDP + live set iniziale di Drum machine, synth, sounds with time and colours....This is a bit hard to explain....

What are your plans ? Is there an artist you'd like to work with ?
Our plan is to make music that sounds like us. After the first album, we published some singles and remix which are to be considered as exercises. These are experiments of sounds and we hope a possibility to arrive on the european scene, as italian one is not a top one.
Artists ? There is no one in particular, but I'll write you a list that we thought about a bunch of times (this is only house music) : Daft Punk, Jess&Crabbe, Basement Jaxx, Erot, Marshall Jefferson, Cassius.....

Scuola Furano gave me along some of there tracks. Find it here :

Scuola Furano - Milkyway
Scuola Furano - G-funk 3000

Scuola Furano Myspace

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